Only getting 20 records on search when I've bumped to max 1000 on dashboard

I set the max hits per page to 1000 but records return for only 20 records. Why?

Hard to say without seeing your code and configuration. Are you setting hitsPerPage in your index configuration or as part of your search? Which client/UI library are you using?

Is it possible there are only 20 records that match your current query/filters?

It is set on the Algolia dashboard. As for the library I’m using it is the javascript npm package algoliasearch, but that shouldn’t matter since the config was already set in the dashboard.

Is there some kind of paging limit based on account tier? If there is you guys should really add that into the UI

There’s a cap on overall records (10k for free) based on account tier but nothing around pagination. I don’t see an upper limit on the value either, but I’ll double check internally.

Agreed it shouldn’t matter if you’ve already configured hits per page on the index, but it is possible to override that value in the client and I just wanted to make sure you weren’t accidentally doing that.

// Perform the same search, but only retrieve 50 results'query string', {
  hitsPerPage: 50,
}).then(({ hits }) => {