Only show results with date from now forward

I have an index with a collection of events. I would like to only show events for the current day and forward. Is there a configuration option or some such I could set for that?

There’s multiple ways to pass filters depending on which frontend integration you’re using, but at the end of the day it comes to these steps:

  1. add a timestamp to your index, as number
  2. add a filter to your fronted: start > ${}

If you want to do this statically, you can use the Configure widget with filters: `start > ${}` . If you want to do this dynamically you can use connectRange or the Range slider, Numeric menu widgets

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I am using an old version of instasearch v2.8. Having trouble getting to work. Says object not found. Any ideas?

Can you make a reproduction please? Object not found isn’t the error I’d expect here

            analytics: true,
            hitsPerPage: 24,
            facets: ['festivalID'],
            facetsRefinements: {
                festivalID: ["{{}}"] {# Twig Festival title #}
            filters: 'day >'

Hey! You have to interpolate the value: filters: 'start > ' +

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