Open instant search instead of autocomplete menu in Magento 2

I would like to show instant search page instead of auto complete menu in Magento 2.

Basically when user types in search box, instant search, user should be shown the instant result page.

Like this:

How do I do this? Any suggestions?


Hi @sales5, this isn’t something which comes out of the box with our magento integration, but rather something which can be coded custom. In essence what happens is the following:

  1. set up an instantsearch application on the DOM of every page
  2. hide each of the widget containers by default
  3. when the event “focus” is fired from the visible search box, show all instantsearch widgets

You can read more on how to make your own InstantSearch application here:, or you can take the existing InstantSearch code from the JS of your magento page.

Hope that’s clear!