Openwhyd: discover, collect and play music from Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Deezer and other streaming platforms

The development of Openwhyd started in 2012, as the most successful pivot of a topic-based social network (or forum, as some would say) created by the Whyd startup company.

Formerly hosted at, the platform became open-source (and took the name of Openwhyd) during summer of 2016. Now that the platform is detached from the company that gave birth to it, it’s become completely independent: maintained by volunteers, and hosting fees are paid by donators.

We switched from our elasticsearch-based search to Algolia in 2014, and never looked back!

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Please share your Openwhyd profile URL here if you have one! (mine is
And don’t hesitate to ask, if you have any question!

Thank you, Algolia! :heartbeat:


Wow, Whyd powered a lot of my parties :stuck_out_tongue:
Congratz for the implementation which is super good. Really really happy to have you on board!!!

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Just throwing a message in a bottle here, for Openwhyd users: I just wrote and published The Future of Openwhyd.

In that article, I explain what’s my vision for Openwhyd 2.0, what we’ve been working on during the last 12 months, and how you can help. Also, Algolia is mentioned! :sunglasses:

French readers, I also wrote a version for us: L’avenir d’Openwhyd. :fr:

I would love to read your suggestions/ideas on how to sustain and/or improve Openwhyd!