Operations quota exceeded and Wordpress plugin change

Algolia Version 2.4.0
Wordpress Version 4.8

The first thing I’m wondering about is changes to the Algolia Wordpress plugin itself. There used to be three admin pages but after updating yesterday I now only have one. I can’t see what’s indexed, nor re-index if I need to. I can only see the page with the App ID and API keys. Is that correct or is there something wrong with my install? I would uninstall and reinstall to test but I’m already over on Operations apparently and don’t want to waste more operations re-indexing, which leads to my next question.

The site I’m developing is currently using the Community plan. It’s in development so the search has only been used a few times for testing. I’ve gotten the warning above (Operations quota exceeded) but looking at what it an “operation” is, even with indexing twice and doing a handful of searches I don’t see how it could have used 100k operations. (I am aware that every key press with predictive is an operation, but that still doesn’t seem to explain it.)

I’d like to see where the high usage is but because I’m over, I can’t see any data in the indices pane. Is there any way to access what operations occurred to use up my allotted amount? I’m trying to figure out if 100k operations is going to be enough going forward and I’m only over because the site is new and had to be completely indexed, or if I need to try talking the client into getting a better plan.

If anyone could shed some light on either/both of these things it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Drew,

Can you save again the page with your appid and API keys? Normally this is the only page you see, until you fill these information. There might be a bug there.

About the operation, have you looked in the dashboard to see if there is any weird activity? Is the usage constant?
You an find many diagrams in Dashboard > records & operation.

You can also have a look at your logs tab to see what are type and regularity of your queries.

Please let me know what you find.

Thank you for the quick reply.

I think something else might be wrong. I’ve tried to save that page again but I get two warnings.

Invalid Application-ID or API key


We were unable to authenticate you against the Algolia servers with the provided information. Please ensure that you used an the Admin API key and a valid Application ID.

I’ve re-copy/pasted everything again too as well as making sure there were no spaces. I’ve tried to regenerate the keys but it says there’s an error.

Thank you for pointing me to the records/operations page, but that was more confusing because it’s no where near the max amount of operations. I’m assuming for now that it’s all related to the errors preventing the search in Wordpress from authenticating.

I can try creating a new set of app keys if you don’t want to look into what’s causing the error.

Again, thank you very much for your time.