Option to keep all options while refining lists and menus

I totally agree with the point here:

Use case

We have a bakery wholesaler who has an ais refinement list of dietary requirements (vegan, gluten free, dairy free) and an ais menu of categories (pastries, cakes etc).

At the moment, if you click on cakes, the option to filter by vegan disappears. Which is a shame, as a typical user journey may be that the user selects cakes, and is interested to view any vegan cakes – but they can’t find the vegan button. If they untick select the cakes option, then select the vegan option the cakes menu item disappears. So they have to work out for themselves the answer: "there are no vegan cakes". Which for the sake of a “No results” view seems a shame.

Ideal interface

These components would be implemented with the following style prop:

<ais-refinement-list attribute="category" :hide-empty="false">
<ais-menu attribute="category" :hide-empty="false">

Failing the above, it would be really useful to have an item in the docs around returning all attributes and creating an ais-menu or refinement list from scratch.

Hi @eightarms,

Agreed this should be an option. It is something we are working on internally.

In the meantime, you can possibly use the suggestions in this GitHub issue.