Optional filters not working for me

I’m trying to achieve a certain ranking result for some type of queries. I would like to rank first a certain amount of objects for which I know their objectID, followed by the results of looking up some words.

For example, say I am looking to rank objectID myObjectID first, followed by the results of searching the word hotel. My strategy is to add an optional filter like the following (see below) and search for the query hotel. I’m adding objectID as an attribute for faceting and placing filters at the top of the ranking factors. However, I’m getting first the results matching hotel. Only if I leave a blank query, I will get the result for objectID myObjectID at the top.

Optional filters:

  "optionalFilters": [


    ranking: [

Attributes for faceting:

    attributesForFaceting: [

Has anyone come across this issue?

Thanks in advance