Orchard CMS Algolia integration

Hi everyone!

New here and to Algolia. As it happens we at Lombiq just created an Orchard CMS module (plugin) with what you can add Algolia search to an Orchard site easily. It’s open source (just as almost everything we do) and is up on GitHub: Orchard Algolia Search.

Not just that but since we also run DotNest (think wordpress.com for Orchard: click twice and you have an Orchard site in the cloud) it’s also available in a hosted way for everyone (and also we created a super basic demo site too).

BTW Orchard is a quite cool ASP.NET MVC web CMS written in C#, so worth checking out with or without Algolia search in it :-).

Hope these many links won’t throw off the spam filter. If you’re curious, ask me anything!

Zoltán - Orchard developer and co-founder of Lombiq


Thanks for posting @zoltan.lehoczky! Your post successfully passed through the spam filter, so it must mean your links are to good places :wink:

For C# and ASP.NET, I know @jason.harris has spent some time there. Anyone you can think of to share the module with Jason?

Quick tip for the demo @zoltan.lehoczky - you might want to add highlighting to the results. It’s as simple as templating with the _highlightResult.[attribute].value property of the search result instead of just the attribute. This way people can really see the link between their query and the results.

Good point, added highlighting in the meantime! (It’s in the source but not yet on the demo site.)

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Hey team! I don’t know any Orchard devs on hand but I know we have some here in the Portland area who will love this. I’ll help spread the word.

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Thank you Jason! I actually don’t know of Orchard devs from there, so that would be great!

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