Order results in boundingBox

I am trying to order the results in insideBoundingBox. My current flow looks like:

  1. User searches for a place using Google Place Autocomplete
  2. Algolia insideBoundingBox property gets the boding box of the searched location
  3. User sees the results

I would like to order results based on the similarity to the name of the location. So for example if user chooses “Rabbit street” then the first results should be the ones where the name is similar to this.

@realestateunicorns welcome to the community!

Our typo tolerance will only return results similar to the query, but it won’t consider more than two typos so I’m not sure it’s the best use case here.

Our recent acquisition of Search.IO will potentially allow Algolia to have this functionality though, which you can find more information on here.

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