Page indexed but not shown in autocomplete

Hi, lately I’m having problems with Algolia.
I’ve tried to use the ACF integration and, at first, it worked. But now it’s not working anymore.

Anyway, I have some pages that are successfully pushed to the Index (e.g. Respurces), but when I write that title in the search input, this page is not shown… even though almost all the other pages are shown.
I’ve commented all the functions I had in my function.php (relatives to the ACF integration) because I thought that maybe that was the problem… but that didn’t resolve the problem.

18 PM
12 PM

I created a new page, just as a test, and the same: It appears in the index, but it’s not shown in the search bar.
I don’t know what else to do.

Hi there,

From your explanation I suspect some JavaScript errors,

Could you share the live website?