Paginating Multi-index based filtering results

Hey there, I’ve been using algolia with Flutter for a while now and it’s working quite well. For last couple of days I’ve been trying to implement one feature using multipleQueries, filtering and pagination.

Let me try to explain the problem that I’m trying to solve :

Suppose I’ve different indexes A, B, C. The records in each index have one-to-one relationships with each other. For every A, there’s one B and one C. Same is true for B and C.
I want to run a query/filter on each index using multipleQueries and then group the records properly once they are fetched.
Also want to paginate the filtered results from each index.

I tried to solve this by running multipleQueries and get results in one call , it works all fine, I get the filtered results and I’m able to group the records from A, B, C properly.
But problem comes when I try to paginate the results from each query. Suppose if I had the index A with filter like "status: completed" and all the indexes have the maxHitsPerPage limit set to 5, then when I fetch the results from all indexes, each record is filtered differently so the records that I recieved from each index may or may not be able to form a group as they might don’t have the record which is related to other record present in the filtered result(or page) from B, C index.

Been stuck with it for some days trying to find proper solution to paginate the results properly.

Could anyone please give me some directions on how I would be able achieve this properly? or anything else I should consider in this problem.