Pagination limit

Hi, I feel like the answer to this is probably “no”, but I want to double check. When using InstantSearch in a scenario where I have several thousand records but a pagination limit is set (let’s say 1000), is there any way for way for me to load the next set of 1000 to page through? I have a client who thinks it’s a possibility that a user might page to the end of the 1000 records and want to see more without necessarily wanting to use filters.

Hi @adam.tsai! By default the number of results you can retrieve is 1000. However, if you set the paginationLimitedTo setting higher than that, you can retrieve more. To be clear, you’ll still only ever be able to retrieve 1000 hits at a time, this will just allow you to use pagination (using the page parameter to retrieve beyond the 1000th hit. Hope this is what you’re looking for!

Hi Maria, thanks for the reply! What I am actually referring to is the “hit limit” referenced in this article:

So I might have a page size of 100 with a hit limit of 1000, but 5000 records in my Algolia index. In this scenario, I can only page up to record #1000 (unless I use filters). So my question is about whether there’s any way I can go beyond that limit. I know I can just increase that hit limit, but in my case the client has over 60K records, which seems like it could affect performance. Let me know if you need clarification on any of that. Thanks!

Actually at second glance, I think you did answer my question after all. Seems the only way to access beyond the limit with pagination is to increase that limit (which is not recommended for the sake of performance).

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