Pagination not working when skipping ahead

I am using the Python client to execute search queries using a geo sort. I am playing with submitting different pagination sizes and page inputs to see what the results look like. Something peculiar happens – I realize that if I do not paginate one by one, if I skip ahead, the hits are actually empty!

Here’s an example of a real return from Algolia:

{'hits': [], 'nbHits': 2513, 'page': 10, 'nbPages': 26, 'hitsPerPage': 100, 'processingTimeMS': 62, 'exhaustiveNbHits': False, 'query': '', 'params': 'filters=&aroundLatLng=40.7349782%2C+-73.9902686&aroundRadius=805&getRankingInfo=true&page=10&hitsPerPage=100&query=', 'serverUsed': '', 'parsedQuery': '', 'timeoutCounts': True, 'timeoutHits': True}

Notice how it says nbHits is 2153, there are 26 pages, and this is the 10th page. And yet, hits is empty!

Why would this ever be the case? The only way I can get actual results if I do pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and THEN 10. So it seems that Algolia needs me to paginate all the way through up to the relevant page.

The broader use case I’m trying to solve for is, if a search says I have X number of results, and I want to go all the way to the back of that list of results, how can I do that without having to sequentially go through all the records?

Thank you! All in all Algolia is the bees knees; just wanted to understand this edge case a bit better