Pagination 'Page 2' Weirdness

I have a magento site using the Algolia extension. When using instantsearch I find there is a strange situation when using the back button from page 2 of a paginated set of results. Using the back button from page 2 returns the full index of products (1576 items) rather than the filtered (by category) set of products (430 items). Hard refreshing the page after using the browser back re-instates the filter and shows the correct number of results.

Hello @clueleast,

thank you for the report.
We are aware of the issue and we’ll get to it soon.

When it’s fixed I’ll let you know.

Hi Jan,

I see there has been no progress on issue #825. We feel that in our site this is a major concern for visitors. If there will not be any progress in the foreseeable future we will likely have to revert to Sphinx until it is either fixed or we find an alternative. Any update would be appreciated so we can decide the best course of action.

Hello @clueleast,

thanks for bringing it up. I plan to get to this issue next week.
I’ll definitely keep posted.