Pagination select the actual Page

Good evening everyone,
I’m trying to make the actual page number to be Bolder than others page number in the Pagination section in the page.
I have my pagination layout like:
<previous 1 2 3 Next>

Example: If I’m in the page number 2, I would like to have the number 2 Bolder than the other ones, I’m trying to find a way to select only the actual page number and change the css style.

My pagination settings in the algolia_instant_search.js.liquid is:

// Pagination[
container: “.ais-pagination-container”,
padding: 1,
maxPages: 40,
showLast: false,
showFirst: false,
templates: {
previous: “<   Previous”,
next: “Next   >”,

If anyone has any clue on how to do it, I would really appreciate.

Just found the solution myself :grin: