Pagination/show more not working

What I’m trying to do here is if there is no query/the user has no search, all products are shown, ie. no category set as refinement. If the user starts typing/searching I want to set category facet to “jackets”.

This works, results are shown as should, and faceting is enabled/disabled depending on if there is or is not a query.

The problem is that the “show-more” button doesn’t work and does not load any more results. Neither does it work if i replace the infinitehits widget with a regular hits widget and use normal pagination. The pagination links are all there but when clicking them nothing more happens/no additional results are loaded.

const search = instantsearch({
  appId: '***********',
  apiKey: '****************************************',
  indexName: 'products', 
  urlSync: true, 
  searchParameters: {
    hitsPerPage: 30, 
    facets: ['category']

  searchFunction: function(helper) {
      if (helper.state.query == '') {
        helper.addFacetRefinement('category', 'jackets').search();
      } else {