paginationLimitedTo for instantsearch.js angular

I want to override the 1000 limit for one of my indexes (i am aware about the repercussions about performance etc), but the param paginationLimitedTo doesnt seem to be working.

I read somewhere that you can use index.setSettings, but i cant find any resource on how to use it with instantsearch.js.

this is how i initialize search = instantsearch({
    appId: env.algolia.appId,
    apiKey: env.algolia.apiKey,
    indexName: env.algolia.indexName,        
    searchParameters: {
      hitsPerPage: 30        

Hi @john4,

Thanks for contacting Algolia!

With the InstantSearch library you can use configure to set parameters in the search method.

Your request is to override the default number of 1000 hits.

As you mentioned, this can be done with the paginationLimitedTo parameter. However, this parameter can only be used in setSettings - not the search method. You will not be able to override the default number of hits at query time.

You will have to set this setting at indexing time using one of the language/framework API clients.

I hope this helps!

Hi @ajay.david,

thanks for the reply, but somehow i feel like i’m still at square one, I already tested with configure, and it doesnt allow me to set the paginationLimitedTo param.

Now, my question would be, how/where do i use index.setSettings?
Can i ask for a link or a sample code? I’m using angular-instansearch.

  paginationLimitedTo: 1000

I cant find a widget or connector or the function setSettings in instantsearch.js for angular.
I cant find any option for this on the dashboard as well.


Hi @john4,

The InstantSearch libraries were designed mainly for search, once your index is configured.

Unfortunately you cannot use the setSettings method in the instantsearch.js angular library.

In order to use the setSettings method, this has to be done on the backend using your preferred API client.

Sorry for not being clear about that!