Paligo integration - how do I generate an Index API Key (Paligo's instruction)?

Our content creation site Paligo offers integration with Algolia for search, with instructions about how to set it up. Of the three required keys, we are not seeing the Index API Key for the index we have created. How can we generate this key, and has this key been re-labeled by Algolia? Thank you.

I am assuming that you simply need to specify the index name for this to make it work.

Algolia normally uses the “Application ID” and the “Admin API Key” to submit records to index and the “Search-Only API Key” for retrieving results, together with an unique index name - this allows to determine where the records should go / from where they should be fetched.

If you log in to the algolia dashboard and click on “search” in the navigation on the left, the index will appear in the drop down on the top right next to the Application name.

I hope this helps you and/or others, if you have any issues please let me know!