Parse error: integer overflow when adding object to Algolia

An entry is being added to Algolia via a Firebase function. A user will go and create their data, it will then sync over to Algolia behind the scenes in a Firebase function, and then it will be searched for and displayed to the user in a table. It. has worked for a long time now with no issues, however this past weekend I recieved the following error and I am not able to find anything pertaining to it.

AlgoliaSearchError: parse error: integer overflow Around '4198800000' near line:1 column:676
    at success (/layers/google.nodejs.yarn/yarn_modules/node_modules/algoliasearch/src/AlgoliaSearchCore.js:377:32)
    at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7)

The object that failed is below with sensitive data redacted. I searched the data for the number being thrown in the error and did not find any matches.


Let me know if any more information is needed. Thank you.