Partial match on multiple words?

Hi there, I have an index for products, many of which have quite complex multi-word names. I’m trying to understand the correct terminology and see if the sort of “fuzzy” search I’m trying to implement is possible (I don’t think it relates to typos?). As an example:

There are many similarly named products:

Milbactor chien 100
Milbactor chat 250
Milbactor 500 chat

Would it be possible to tweak the index so that the following matches?

Milbac chien for example

So that if the first word has a partial match it carries on searching relevance across the rest of the query?

For now as soon as I hit space after Milbac then no more results are returned.

Maybe this isn’t possible but I feel it should still be a pretty decent match?


Hey @andre3 welcome to the community. I think what you are looking for is prefixNone, you can find more details here Prefix Searching | In depth | Managing Results | Guide | Algolia Documentation

I would recommend you give the following a read as well as its sub-articles.

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Hey, thanks for the reply - think it’s actually prefixAll that I’d need but definitely looks like it will work for my needs. Will have to weigh it up in terms of the warning on performance. Not sure what impact it will have but will try out thanks!

Just following up to say prefixAll works exactly as expected - a really nice fuzzy search experience. I haven’t seen any performance issues when querying just now but I guess I will keep my eye on it. Thanks again

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Algolia is super fast, when it says there will be performance impact they usually mean they cannot guarantee sub 25 ms response times :slight_smile:

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