partialUpdateObject charges 1 record operation and 2 search operations

hello. I have a question about billing for partialUpdateObject. When I was testing my api integration I noticed that making a partial update recorded 1 record operation and 2 search operations in the dashboard. This happens consistenly, even if I do a partial update manually in the dashboard. I cannot find anything in the docs that shows how this is billed. I expected the charge to be only 1 record operation. Please can you tell me if this is the usual behavior so that I can approximate what my usage will be.

Hi Henry,

Thanks for your patience as we looked into this. Using the partialUpdateObject method should not incur any search operations, and I was unable to reproduce such an effect. Still, there could be search operations generated that you are not aware of: for example, using the “Browse” view on your Algolia dashboard will create search operations, even though we put an “analytics:false” tag on these searches so they do not impact your analytics.

In order to see more about the details of search operations made, you can go to the Monitoring >> Logs >> Search portion of your dashboard. Here, you can see the Request Headers/Body and the response body for each search operation:

This most recent one appears to be generated through the dashboard.

Another way of looking at logs in a more streamlined method is using the getLogs method which uses the endpoint which feeds that table. This allows you to filter to only look at search operations to see when (timestamp) / how (user-agent, etc) they were generated. Note that only the most recent 1000 logs in the last 7 days are stored.

If you find that there are search operations that are being generated by the same agent as your partial updates (Algolia for JavaScript (3.33.0); Node.js (6.17.0)) please do let us know so that we can investigate further.

Best regards,

Hi Jason,
Thanks for the reply. You were correct about “search operations generated that you are not aware of”. After making a partial update I navigate to the Indices tab to check if it was successful. Even if I touch nothing on this tab it generates a search which I find in monitoring/logs as you said.
Then I go to the analytics tab to check if searches have been added. This generates another search
So the mystery is solved.
Thank you for the fantastic support from Algolia. I am new to Algolia but I have received support on numerous occassions from Algolia despite the fact that I am still in the trial period. This gives me a lot of confidence in using your service and I look forward to using Algolia in my live app.

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