Pass attribute id instead of attribute value in the search filter

My magento 2 is configured with elastic search. Now, I am facing 1 clash in filters within Algolia and Magento 2 (with elastic search).

I will try to explain in details, please bear with me:

The above link is native Magento link with elastic search. As you can see color = 16. 16 is the ID of the attribute option (black). When you go to the above link, it shows no results at all, due to Algolia.

Algolia builds filterable URL like this:

But this URL throws an error in Elastic Search. Elastic search is not able to interpret black, it expects integer value (16).

I want to pass ID of attributes instead of value. Any suggestions on this?

One of Algolia’s customer has achieved it:

As you can see they are passing skin_type value as integer (159220).

I had reached Algolia support on this, but they won’t help and they think that it’s not a bug. I had reproduced the issue in their own Magento 2 instance: