Passing props - connectAutoComplete w/ autosuggest (React)

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to pass props from a container component to the connectAutoComplete connector that is using the react-autosuggest component.

react-autosuggest has a built in prop called onSuggestionSelected ( and I wanted to try and dispatch an action, but I’m not sure if the connectAutoComplete connector will allow props to be passed down?

Hi @mmojica,

When using our connectors that are just Higher Order Component, you are actually passing a component. When using this connected component you can of course pass your own props.

Something like:

const AutoComplete = connectAutoComplete(({onSuggestionSelected, hits, refine}) => {
     return ... 

to be used like:

<AutoComplete onSuggestionSelected={} />

thanks so much! this was exactly what I wanted!