| static documentation website by Lyra is made with Jekyll, it’s a complex multilingual documentation website dedicated to online payment, at first I did look into some hosted search solutions like Lunr, or Elastic search, but it soon became very clear it was either not powerfull enough or too complex…
Algolia came as a clear solution, fast reliable, we still under use it, but we’re willing to dive into it for the next step.
We’re using a simple configuration with instantSearch, we add labels to the pages automatically. It also allows us to have a full search history with back and forth buttons, and soon, we will pin some top topics to help users…
The documentation page is simple enough : Search Page and could be yet improved…
I guess Algolia is the best solution for us so far in this configuration, it opens endless possibilities, like adding the search into one of our institutionnal website for example…so powerful
to be continued…
Search page   PayZen Documentation


Very nice integration! Facets should be the reason why you did not use DocSearch. I like how you present your documentation, and here are some suggestions to improve it:

  • add the breadcrumb to the hits so user could have a better sense of where it’s located,
  • add more depth to the facets
  • make the facets more distinguishable by adding colors or icons to the tag showing on the top right corner of a result.

Keep on the good work!

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