Performance is User Experience

Today I came across a book called Designing for Performance by Lara Callender Hogan of Etsy which has a chapter called Performance is User Experience. This is especially true in search and it’s something we talk about quite a bit at Algolia. A search can be visually stunning and highly relevant but that may not matter if it is slow.

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Web performance, like search performance, makes a big impression on users:

The overall user experience affects your audience’s impression of your brand. Akamai has reported that 75% of online shoppers who experience an issue such as a site freezing, crashing, taking too long to load, or having a convoluted checkout process will not buy from that site.

We’ve seen that the same is true for search, with slowness and irrelevant results causing a user to form a negative impression of not just the search but site in general. Definitely something to avoid! :runner:

Has anybody read the full book? I’d be interested to see if contains some search-specific performance tips.

Generally speaking, if you have search performance tips, the community here is a great place to share them :nerd: