Persistent "trying to transfer password" alerts for *unknown* x.algolia domain

These unwelcome popups, any browser, block browser use until the alert is killed via Taskmanager.
No site is being signed into, always the same domain: algolianet. algolianet-wwwpage-is-attempting-to-openly-tfr-pwd-on-a-wifi-nw

Hi @D-KAS . This is the first time I’ve ever heard about such a thing.
This is not linked to Algolia per-se, but rather your antivirus, Kaspersky.

When searching in a page using Algolia, it will trigger a request to our servers to get your search results.
This is expected, and there is a key in there which I believe your anti-virus incorrectly detects as being a password.
I’ve posted a message to the Kaspersky forums here: .

I would advise you to contact Kaspersky’s support, as this is a false positive in their systems.