Personalization behaving weirdly for "unknown" profiles

Hello there,

When my personalization is set to 100, personalization behaves strangely. What’s bizarre is that for users that have events, personalization seems to work well (close to customRanking but some products are upped some positions, as expected) but for users that have no events registered (or at least that are impossible to find via the Simulator “Viewing as user” field), the order is… not even close to the customRanking.

Is that normal?

@Pixelshaped I can check with the team on this, do you think it’s possible there are some rules or reranking influencing the results outside of personalization?

I checked our docs and we shouldn’t personalize any results for a User with no events in the previous 90 days.

Let me know once you have a chance to check this. Thanks!