Phrase query is not returning value

I have an index, and if I search on it using only words it brings me the result correctly, but depending on the sentence I write on the query, the result is empty.

For example:

if i search for the word “test” it matches with a result.

and even if i use the question “how to test” it also matches

but whenever i add a more complex question with more words such as “Where do i find a test?”

i got no results.

could anyone please help me with it?

Hello @douglas its difficult to tell without more information. Do you have the same behavior if you use the and do test searches there? If yes, then it is how you have your index set up. If no, then it is something to do with your client side code.

Also we have a Discord channel now which we are monitoring a little more closely these days, feel free to pop in there.

Hey @james.gray thanks for your reply.

Yes, the prints sent are from the Algolia UI demo test, happening the same. probably is how i have it set up. Can you send me the discord channel so I can address my question there? please let me know the info you need to know and I can send it here, so you see if you can help me!?

thanks again

You can use the Help channel on Algolia or DM me directly there.

Will do that, thank you @james.gray