Pipedream + Algolia Integration (integrate 200+ apps with Algolia)

Hi y’all,

I’m a founder and engineer at Pipedream - we’re an integration platform for developers (think IFTTT / Zapier with a developer focus). We just developed an Algolia integration, and I wanted to share details with the community.

You author workflows on Pipedream. Workflows are a sequence of steps - pre-built actions or custom Node.js code - that let you connect to any app / API. We’ve added first-class integrations with 200+ apps and just added Algolia to that list. In essence, this lets you quickly send any data to an Algolia index.

Here are a couple of example workflows that you can copy and modify in any way, and run for free:

  • This workflow generates a unique URL that you can send any HTTP POST request to, and we’ll save the HTTP payload as an object in your target Algolia index. So it lets you quickly spin up an HTTP API for sending any data to an index.
  • This workflow watches for new tweets matching any search term and saves them to an Algolia index.

The components of these workflows - the HTTP / Twitter triggers, the Algolia steps - can be mixed and matched in any way. For example, you can easily change the Twitter source to listen for new items in an RSS feed, and send those items to an index, instead.

We’d love any suggested improvements or feedback y’all have! I developed the integration personally, so should be able to fix / improve quickly.


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