Places and InstantSearch

I am trying to replicate the effect seen here: where data from Algolia Places is displayed along side other custom entries from another Algolia app.

This function is however not maintained for ReactJS and I’m having trouble finding the appropriate resources to develop it myself.

The desired end product would be a set of custom addresses with images (think list of airbnbs / hotels) combined with a simple geo search through addresses in a specific range from a given point.
For the first set of data, the customised preset addresses, I was thinking of using a simple Algolia app, while for the other addresses I am fine using Algolia Places although google maps would be preferred.

Thank you for reading, I trust what I’m looking for isn’t too exotic and others have worked out a way of doing it.

Hi! Funny, someone else had just the same question as you today:

Whoops poor communication in our team! That’s one of my colleague’s post, just checked. Feel free to address either this or the other post.