Plug n Play script/complete UI

Hi, I come from another service (doo…), which had a very nice and easy script ready to plug anywhere into my site with an (acceptable) UI for searching and all features (facets, search-as-you-type, etc) included. It was even just an ‘overlay’ if I wanted it to be, no need for a seperate page.

Is there any similar “plug ‘n’ play” script for Algolia with no dependencies, with a done UI? (In case it’s helpful, I am on xt:Commerce.) This would absolutely sell me on Algolia.


Unfortunately, there’s no such script.
Some of our integrations come with easy to setup UIs, like Magento, Shopify or Zendesk, but as there are many different use cases, we don’t have anything generic (yet).
Algolia does require some investment, but it is worth it (disclaimer: I work there :slight_smile:).


For e-commerce use-cases Unified InstantSearch can easily be plugged: