Point Search to Specific Page

Hello and please forgive a noob question but I have no programming background but trying to teach myself enough to manipulate Algolia for the e-commerce shoe website I manage.

I’m trying to direct keyword searches to specific landing pages when the ENTER button is pressed. Currently, it goes to a product assortment.

EX: customer types in “Running” and presses ENTER. I want our Running landing page to display vs. product assortment.

Hey Neil,

to be of help here, we’ll need to know how your store is running Algolia. Are you using one of our plugins, for example with Magento or Shopify, in order to integrate Algolia with your store?

When we know more about how you’re using Algolia, we’ll be able to give some advice on how to tackle this problem.

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Aaron, we are connected through Magento. Is there anything else I can provide that will help? If so, let me know.

Hi Neil,

absolutely no worries. Are you using magento 1 or 2?

We are on Magento 2 and upgrading to 2.2 soon.

Hi Neil, apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

There should be a way of accomplishing this that is native to magento, and with which Algolia is compatible. Are you able to experiment with the “search terms” page under “Marketing” -> “SEO & Search”? This page allows you to add search terms and accompanying URL’s (of pages for example) to which you’d like to direct those search terms.

Unfortunately our magento specialist is out of the office today, but I’ll reach out to him tomorrow and see if I can provide any more insight.


Thank you so for your help. I wasn’t aware of the ability to do anything through Magento as I have never had any training or education of any type with regards to Search and SEO. I will look into the Magento functionality today.

When you speak with your Magento specialist, I’d love to know where I can find some educational resources that I can use to teach myself and/or if there is a third party that offers one-on-one training.