Possible bug in Demo GUI

I am using the cloud based search as a service solution with a simple demo GUI.


The image above shows a facet with a count of 138141 for Dupont.
When clicking on the Dupont label, only 138 records are obtained.
Clicking on Bailliencourt returns 141 records!
Reducing the width of the window corrects the problem!

I observer the same bahaviour with a value 33 returning only 3 records!


Hello Henri,

It seems to me that the labels get trimmed with big values, so it’s a display bug in the CSS used by the UI Demo generator (probably a overflow: hidden;).

We’re going to fix this, thanks for reporting the issue! :pray:

Hello Henri,

Just a quick update to let you know that we have taken care of this bug. Thanks again for reporting the issue!


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