Possible to get cursor based pagination in Recommend APIs?

After searching through the algolia documentation it looks like it uses cursor based pagination in search API: Search API reference | Algolia

Is it possible to also do cursor based pagination in Recommend API?

The availability of cursor-based pagination in recommendation APIs depends on the specific API implementation and its features. Cursor-based pagination is a technique used to paginate through a large set of data by using a cursor or a marker to identify the current position in the data.

To determine if cursor-based pagination is supported in the recommend APIs you are using, you should consult the API documentation or contact the API provider directly. They will be able to provide you with the necessary information about the pagination options available and how to implement them in your application.

If cursor-based pagination is not available, there might be alternative pagination methods ytmp3indir provided, such as offset-based pagination or page-based pagination. These methods involve specifying the number of results per page or the starting index of the data set to retrieve.