Post_excerpt of a wordpress page is not displaying in Instant Search


Despite having properly configured the snippets in Configuration > Snippeting > Attributes to snippets > post_excerpt", page excerpt is not showing in the instant search . Instead, Algolia displays the beginning of the content and I don’t want that. I want to control what’s being displayed in the instant search through post_excerpt.

See here when typing “Prestige”, I’ve the beginning of the page’s content displaying instead of the page’s excerpt that I’ve defined in the wp page admin :

FYI, I’ve added a plugin that add excerpt to page (like post) and here you can see that Algolia is fetching the excerpt’s data.

What’s wrong?


Hi Matthieu!

I assume that you’re using our community plugin. Is this correct?

If yes, then unfortunately, we no longer provide support for it. We communicate more about why here.

We encourage you to move on to a custom install, using our actively maintained PHP API client. We have a full tutorial in our documentation to help you get started. You’ll be able to fully control what you want to display and how in your InstantSearch results page.


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