Post not showing on correct spelled word but shows on misspelled - bug


I hav Algolia 2.10.2, the latest version. I have a strange little bug. When I search for a post with correct word it does not show up in the search result. But if I try missspelling with a lot of different combinations it shows up…

I have searched in the Algolia administration on the correct word and it shows up correctly and is indexed and snipped. But it does not show up in the search result on the website.

Does anyone have this issue asweell? Does it have with the latest updates of the plugin to do with?

Best regards.

Hi Damir,

could you please give us a little more context around the problem?

  1. How are you using Algolia? Is it via an integration (e.g WordPress)? I notice you’re referring to posts as the type of content you’re searching.

  2. Are you able to provide us with a link to your implementation and some sample queries so that we can see this for ourselves?

  3. If you’d like to message me your app ID, I’d be happy to take a look under the hood to investigate the problem further. Note, for me to do this, you’ll need to grant Algolia access to your app. You can do that here: You can modify access settings here: (Keep in mind your data remains safe and no one outside of Algolia will be able to access it. You can revoke access anytime.)