Presenting manual suggestions before presenting search results

There is a way to present a dropdown with manual suggestions when the customer focuses on the search field, and when he is starting to type the value that he wants to search this dropdown will close, and the autocomplete will present the relevant results?

Hi @amontecalvo,

Using our Query Suggestions feature, you can indeed display query suggestions that you manually added to your query suggestions index when a user types a search request. Query suggestions can also be automatically generated based on analytics data for your app and passed user searches.

This feature is part of our Standard and Premium plans.

Is this what you are looking for?

I don’t think this is what I am looking for, I will try to be more specific in my question when the customer clicking on the input search filed without typing any letter I want to present a dropdown with manual suggestions and when the customer starts typing the manual dropdown will close and then the real sareach resoult will be presented

I see! Thanks for the precision.

We have no solution out of the box to open a dropdown that will open only if the query is an empty query. However, you could create an autocomplete dropdown on top of your search results page:

For the search results of this autocomplete, you could create a Rule with a condition If query is '' (empty query), and as a consequence promote hits A to position 1, B to position 2, C to position 3. See:

This way, you would be able to manually chose which hits are displayed in the autocomplete menu when the query is empty, and then the autocomplete will be populated with relevant results as soon as a letter is typed.