Prevent searchstate to get lost on unmount of RefinementList

Hello Algolia-Team,
We’re currently implementing a filter system with react-hooks for our customer, who wishes to display RefinementLists in an accordion on mobile. Our accordion unmounts its content on close for performance reasons and it is highly advised against disabling this behaviour.

I’ve checked the forum and found How do you keep algolia searchstate when unmounting some widgets?, but the described solution doesn’t seem to work for our case. The example code is a broken link and the idea of a virtualRefinementList doesn’t seem to be supported by react-hooks. (since I can’t seem to be able to update the searchState from outside)

I found a react-hooks solution for react-native. But I am not really sure it applies to our case.

Is there any way to handle this case for our customer with react-web-hooks or will we have to create a custom widget for that?

I’ll appreciate any feedback :slight_smile: