Preventing Algolia from Matching on Numbers (19 in Covid-19)

We are currently having an issue on our Algolia search, where a search for the term ‘Covid-19’ will yield results with the substring ‘19’ in the string of any of our keywords, as the image below shows. Is there any way to suppress this behaviour within the Algolia UI, or is the only way to simply remove all instances of 19 in our search keywords that don’t related to Covid-19?

Looking at what your screenshot and your description I believe you may need to look at separatorsToIndex. This may help fix the issue you are seeing.

If not please feel free to open a ticket with us and we can take a look at your records and ranking and see if there are other things that might need adjusted.

Thanks Jordan,
I added the ‘-’ character to the list of separators, and that fixed the issue.

Thats great! I am glad we were able to help.