Previous page Data is being load on page reload

i’m using angular instant search and ais-infinate-hits below is the url

when i try to get page 2 data first page-1 data is displayed and then page 2 can you please help why this is happening

my appID: 21QX59KPFY

Hello @shanmukh09,
Thanks for reach out to us.

From what I’m seeing it looks normal. When I visited the URL, it loaded the hits for page 2. (In fact in the API request, it’s page=1 because the page starts from 0 in the API.)

If you visit the URL, the first hit is “La Baleine”. If you visit Soomeet it loads the first page, starting with “6 Mandel”, and if you scroll to the bottom, it will load the second page, starting with “La Baleine”.

So I think it looks fine, but let me know if I misunderstood the issue.