Price filter, with custom pinned labels, via dashboard

Is this possible?

Overall question: From the Algolia dashboard, how can I create a price filter with pinned values?

Background: In my app, using the Algolia JavaScript API Client, I’ve manually created a sidebar containing Algolia filters; everything works. However, I’d like to generate the same thing using only the the Algolia dashboard.

In the dashboard, in Index / Configuration / Facet Display, I’ve created an entry for “price” and I have power to add pinned values here. However, for numeric data, what values do you put? Is there an inline-syntax to use to allow custom labels and ranges?

Barring a nicer ideal way to do this, at the very least it would be great if something like this could be pasted and recognized directly in the field:
{ label: '$5 - $20', start: 500, end: 2000 }

Below is my JS code for the manual-version of my filters sidebar, which successfully renders a price filter in our sidebar. However for this project it’s desired that this be controlled via the dashboard, instead of hardcoded.

Note: For technical reasons, our system has the decimal eliminated on price. So e.g. 2000 = $20.

        { label: 'All' },
        { label: '<= $5', end: 500 },
        { label: '$5 - $20', start: 500, end: 2000 },
        { label: '$20 - $30', start: 2000, end: 3000 },
        { label: '>= $30', start: 3000 },