Price filtering

I need to help about filtering price with range.
I mean my product price from 1 t0 1000
how I set my price setting in php and how I get in javascript if any person select price range 100 to 600 then only product display they are price in between 100 to 600
Please guide me I am new of using algolia


you can index a price attribute within your product record. So the example of the record can look like this:

    'objectID': 1,
    'name': 'Awesome product', 
    'price': 350

Then you’ll need to set price attribute as attribute for faceting. That you can do via API or via Algolia dashboard:

When you have it set, you can query Algolia with price filter. It can look like this:{ query: 'search query', filters: 'price:100 TO 600' })

More information you can find in the filters documentation.