pricesCustomFields and categoriesCustomFields

Hi there,

I am using the Commercetools connector in Algolia to sync the products in my Commercetools project to Algolia (documentation link for reference).

Some key points:

  • I have successfully connected the two, and products are syncing into Algolia
  • When setting up the connector, I specified that I want to index “product variants”
  • In Commercetools I have custom fields against the Category and Pricing, and so when setting up the Algolia index, I specified the custom fields that I want to have synced (see image attached)
  • As per this page in Algolia documentation, the custom fields I have defined above should appear under categoriesCustomFields and pricesCustomFields respectively.

These fields are not coming through at all into Algolia.

The on-demand and subscription tasks to receive the data from Commercetools are succeeding, and updates do come through, but these custom fields never show up - and there are no errors or any messaging present in the Connector Debugger to suggest that there was any issues.

I am unsure how to troubleshoot this to find out why Algolia cannot pull these attributes.