Pricing for Firestore Database integration


I was looking at pricing for Algolia integration into Firestore Database.
So Pricing in general says that e.g. in the “pay as you go” plan the price is 0.60$ per 1000 requests per month. Now when looking through how Algolia actually works with Firestore I realized that Algolia actually indexes the Firestore data and loads it into its own servers to be searched.

How does this correspond with pricing then?

When I have 500 000 Firestore documents and 2000 searches a month on these 500 000 documents using Algolia, would I pay 1.20$? Or would I also pay for the storage taken up by the 500 000 Firestore documents loaded into the Algolia servers?

Thanks for your help!

For “Pay as you go” we meter on something we call “Search Units” which is a combination of 1,000 records and 1,000 monthly searches. With 500,000 records you’d need 500 search units / month to cover your records (this would also give you 500,000 searches / month).

What’s your use case? We may be able to help you out.