Pricing when move_index


When I update my index I build a “swap index” and then use move_index which allows me to keep my service running during updates.

My question is. Lets say I am on a plan where I have 10 records in total. My current index has 8 records so when I build a “swap index” I will have approximately 16 records in total for a short period of time. Will I be charged for the 6 records that exceed my 10 records limit?

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Your record count will be considered as 16 for that day.

However, the billing system is a bit forgiving and ignores your three highest spikes during the billing period.
So if you do atomic reindexes of a entire index infrequently, you will not be charged for it.

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Hi Jonathan

Thank you :slight_smile: I can do my reindexing then :slight_smile:

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