Prioritise result that has the exact word in its name

Hello everybody!

I have a question about the results of a search on Algolia, on my website. Let me explain.

The website is a product shop. One of those products has the name “Bol plástico” (in English, it’s a breakfast bowl).

BUT when you type “bol” (without inverted commas) in the search engine, the bowl does NOT appear. Products such as “boligrafo”, “bolsa”, “bolso”… and some others appear first.

If I then put space, "bol ", the bowl does appear. But what we want is that if a user who wants to buy a bowl enters “bol” in the search engine, it will suggest the bowl first. And after that, products such as “boligrafo” or “bolsa”, which although they start with the same letters, do not coincide exactly with the search for “bol”. The product “bol plastico” does have “bol” exactly, but “boligrafo” has it only in part of the word.

How can I indicate that in the search I want to have more ranking value if the word is already a complete match?

You can check it here

Thank you!