Problem indexing named_tags in shopify blog posts

I have not been able to see the named_tags in my index. I have check the Use named tags checkbox in the “Blog Posts” section of the indexing tab in the Shopify connector app as well as added the named tags based on the docs and how they should be added (eg.: color:blue style:minimalistic) but no success.

If I uncheck the Use named tags checkbox, then the tags show as expected for the given blog post:

  tags: [

With the Use named tags checked the normal tags are gone and no named tags are created like so:

  tags: []
  named_tags: {}

If anyone can shed some light into how to fix this I would appreciate.
Thank you

Hi @hcmlopes,

As answered via our Mail Support, your issue was linked to the High load issue on our indexing system that introduced some latency on the indexing.

This incident being resolved, you should see the named tags appearing in your index properly.