Problem regarding the routing parameter and the input field

I use instantsearch.js on my homepage.
I implemented the routing parameter like this:

routing: {router: instantsearch.routers.history ({writeDelay: 400})}

I have two problems:

  • The name of my index is also written in the url, is it possible to remove it? http://localhost:2368/?INDEX_NAME%5Bquery%5D=TEXT

The second problem concerns the input field.

  • The second problem concerns the input field.
    When I click the back button on the browser, the url is updated or deleted correctly, the results also change correctly, but the value in the input field does not change. It always remains the last value I wrote.

Thank you

I solved the index name problem in the url with the stateMappings.singleIndex('index') parameter

Unfortunately I can’t solve the second problem.
When I click on the browser’s back button, the input field does not update. You can see these two demos:


Not working:

Help would be appreciated
Thank you