Problem with a specific word

Hi, i have some problem with specific word: “polo”. As you can see on image below:

The word “polo” is never highlighted and if i try search only “polo” I get all element of my index. If i try with other word of 4 letters I get right result. Can you help me?


I’ve managed to reproduce your issue with one of my indices and it turns out it’s a quite interesting one…

The problem here is that you’ve set the removeStopWords parameter to true on your index. This parameter has the effect of removing all the stop words from your query before finding the records that match. It turns out that “polo” isn’t a stop word in the Italian language but it is a stop word in Galician language which means by.

You now have two solutions:

  • Disable removeStopWords option by setting it to true
  • Enable removeStopWords only for Italian by setting it to ["it"]

Indeed, the removeStopWords setting can either be set by a boolean or a string array containing ISO codes, as documented here in our documentation for removeStopWords.

If you need more help for setting the removeStopWords parameter, don’t hesitate to ask. :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,


OMG! Great! Now it’s work! Thanks thanks thanks

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