Problem with Algolia search, when product contains bracket in name

I’m trying to figure out what is going wrong with my Algolia search functionality in Magento 1.

I have a product with the name: Huawei P Smart (2019).
When I’m trying to find it by regular search (no autocomplete) with phrase p smart 2019
I have an empty result.

But when I search it as p smart (2019) then I have a correct result.

Request for p smart 2019:

{"requests":[{"indexName":"magento_default_products","params":"query: p smart 2019
hitsPerPage: 40
maxValuesPerFacet: 40
page: 0
ruleContexts: ["magento_filters",""]
facets: ["categories_without_path","price.EUR.default","color"]
tagFilters: "}]}

And response:



         "query":" 2019",

What I see in response, is this query = -2019 (- is space here) like it try to match word by word, am I right?

When I’m trying to search by 2019 or -2019 (- is space here) then I have correct results.

My configuration is almost the default one for Magento and Algolia.

Is someone who had a similar issue? Or maybe know where I should look for fix it?